Sunday, 25 August 2013

Geocaching @sFOfS

Geocaching @sFOfS near the church Latitude: 51.704464 Longitude: -8.501220

Geocaching @WUSQF

Geocaching @WUSQF near the church Latitude: 51.704464 Longitude: -8.501220

Geocaching @FK5mF

Geocaching @FK5mF plastic container yellow lid Latitude: 51.702942 Longitude: -8.502373

Monday, 19 August 2013

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Geocaching @TU5Sc

Geocaching @TU5Sc le courant passe emtre moi et le château. Latitude: 45.730537 Longitude: 5.288624

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Geocaching @HiyUf

Geocaching @HiyUf Kverna i Nordvik  Latitude: 60.307594 Longitude: 5.036043 

Geocaching @RylEd

Geocaching @RylEd Monte Barbaros  Latitude: 37.941498 Longitude: 12.844303 

Geocaching @6xiiS

Geocaching @6xiiS Via ferrata - Cascate di Fanes  Latitude: 46.594776 Longitude: 12.084457 

Geocaching @etYtv

Geocaching @etYtv Terrazza delle Stelle  Latitude: 46.019360 Longitude: 11.040501 

Geocaching @7Vgk5

Geocaching @7Vgk5 Tuc dera Salana (2.483m)  Latitude: 42.648159 Longitude: 0.908799 

Geocaching @dv6o8

Geocaching @dv6o8 El Safareig de Bordils

Geocaching @n0HnQ

Geocaching @n0HnQ Hospital de Jaca. El caché está situado cerca del hospital. Para llegar a él hay que subir una pronunciada cuesta.  Latitude: 42.583710 Longitude: -0.537549 

Geocaching @FvNU1

Geocaching @FvNU1 Torre del Aire  Latitude: 40.966480 Longitude: -5.660591 

Geocaching @70leP

Geocaching @70leP Laterne der Ruhe  Latitude: 50.208473 Longitude: 8.926002 

Geocaching @24103

Geocaching @24103 Grenzwachturm Schlesischer Busch Latitude: 52.495773 Longitude: 13.450576

Geocaching @Z9nVh

Geocaching @Z9nVh Breakfast at Treeffany's - Erdschrat u Ameisenbär Latitude: 52.656780 Longitude: 13.486929

Geocaching @6TJa1

Geocaching @6TJa1 Louis Lewin. Louis Lewin war ein bedeutender Forscher und Arzt. Er war einer der Pioniere der wissenschaftlich fundierten Pharmakologie und Toxikologie. Latitude: 52.523666 Longitude: 13.390079

Geocaching @grydg

Geocaching @grydg . Cremorne Gardens secured a Green Flag award for the first time in 2010 as one of the best green spaces in England.

Geocaching @sBRVv

Geocaching @sBRVv Queen Square. On the right side on the entrance.  Latitude: 51.521744 Longitude: -0.122746 

Geocaching @TFyen

Geocaching @TFyen Water Tower. The cache itself is a short distance away and is a small snapbox with enough room for a couple of small trades or trackables.  Latitude: 51.365379 Longitude: -0.166860 

Geocaching @69Vb4

Geocaching @69Vb4 The Denmark Hill Wolf. A wolf, ram, sheep & lamb has been permanently installed on the corner of Grove Lane and Champion Park in Southwark near the Denmark Hill train station.  Latitude: 51.468491 Longitude: -0.087238

Geocaching @mcP7H

Geocaching @mcP7H SideTracked - Paddington. This is a 35mm film canister hidden near the entrance to London Paddington Station.  Latitude: 51.524139 Longitude: -0.178512 

Geocaching @VUzRK

Geocaching @VUzRK King Arthur's Return. Finding the cache involves a walk of about 3 miles around Bedfont Lakes Country Park, and it should take a couple of hours.  Latitude: 51.442444 Longitude: -0.451623 

Geocaching @qvIXy

Geocaching @qvIXy Church Micro. Find a pillar box which has a number ENa.  Latitude: 51.653214 Longitude: -0.184425 

Geocaching @Y9kRH

Geocaching @Y9kRH Chan Dos and Don'ts. Cache is situated close to Chandos House  Latitude: 51.518505 Longitude: -0.145128

Monday, 12 August 2013

Geocaching @KUL1X

Geocaching @KUL1X rivière aux castor beuvron Latitude: 47.492725 Longitude: 1.242291

Tuesday, 6 August 2013